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Never have to eat alone again

The days of texting your friends to go out for food and drinks are over. Spend less time planning and more time with your friends.

Start a meetup

Want to meet up with friends for a quick bite to eat in between classes? Tired of eating dinner at your apartment?

Ashley uses Who's Hungry to catch up with her friends in between classes

Invite your krew

Invite friends directly from your contacts with a single click and they'll receive a text inviting them to join you.

Aaron invites his friends out to dinners on fridays and saturdays so he can enjoy a great meal with his friends.

Vote on where to go

Vote up for where you want to go, and down for where you don't!

Jack uses Who's Hungry to organize meetups with his student organizations

Watch it all go down

Say goodybe to the classic "Hey, I'm here when will you be here?" text. 20 minutes before the meetup, your location pops up in a map screen.

Made by UT Austin students for all